Malte Ian Lauterbach

Conflict researcher, journalist, analyst.
Veritas illuminat.

About me.

Malte Ian Lauterbach is a conflict researcher, journalist, and analyst covering international conflicts. With a focus on bringing to light the stories and perspectives of those affected by conflict, my work sheds light on issues that are often overlooked or underrepresented.

I have written extensively on a range of topics, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the civil war in Yemen, and the Russo-Ukrainian war.

In addition to the journalism work, I have also authored several books and papers. Works include “Insurgency: Challenge and Response,” a deep dive into the challenges of modern insurgency and how to address them, and “Concrete and Steel: Architecture from Europe and the Middle East”.


In addition to my work as a conflict researcher and journalist, I also have expertise in digital strategy, social media marketing, community management, and start-up consulting.