Malte Ian Lauterbach.

Conflict researcher, journalist, analyst.

Stuck in a hail of steel.


I'm a conflict researcher and freelance journalist.
I have written extensively on a range of topics, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the civil war in Yemen, and the Russo-Ukrainian war.

While my expertise mostly lies in non-state actors,
In recent times, I have ventured into towns controlled by Islamist militias, the 'Blue Line', and heavily damaged Ukrainian cities.

In addition to the journalism work, I have also authored several books and papers. Works include “Insurgency: Challenge and Response,” and “Concrete and Steel: Architecture from Europe and the Middle East”.


I also have extensive experience in both community management and marketing – in the last 5 years I have helped various startups grow from rough draft to multi-million dollar power houses with millions of users.


A creative mind at heart, I often channel my thoughts into photographs that inspire and influence heart & mind.
Some of them have won awards, some of them have not.

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